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No two patients are alike, and at Metro Health Care Services we view each as an opportunity to create customized treatment that will meet the needs of both patients and their families. Our team welcomes individuals with a wide range of needs and challenges, so we can demonstrate our expertise in creating custom treatments for each individual patient.

Homemaker Services

While a significant amount of home care assistance services are targeted toward medical-related needs.

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Homecare Nursing

At Metro Health Care Services our Home Care Nurses have specialized training and skills

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Private Duty Nursing

A Private Duty Nurse can provide the help you and your loved on needs to live a more fulfilling daily life.

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Personal Care Assisnant

Delivering professional, flexible personal care assistant services for your loved one in Minnesota

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Medical needs can be all-consuming, particularly for those who have recently suffered from illness or injury

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Feeding Tube

Tube feedings are common for individuals who cannot eat or drink enough to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to heal

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Wound Care

Wounds often take some time to heal. However, it’s no secret that the quality of care your loved one receives is related

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I.V. / TPN

I.V. / TPN is a simple, effective method to deliver medicine directly into the body. However, the inconvenience of traveling

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Since the 1960s, ostomy pouches have been used for individuals who have had a colostomy, ileostomy, or one of

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Following a tracheostomy or tracheomalacia, attentive, professional care is vital to ensure a proper,

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Vent Care

Ventilator-bound patients require constant care from specialized nurses, often forcing them out of their homes and into

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Exceptional treatment for complex conditions and basic needs

With a highly-specialized team of nurses, our home health care services are the only resource your family will need in Minnesota

Testimonials & Clients

Testimonials from our clients


I have been feeling awesome since I started receiving care from Metro Health. I have had no problems. I am stress free !


I am (still) happy with everything.. I really appreciate everything you(Abdi) and Nasra have done for me and the kids! 🙂

I have never been happier in my entire life!

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