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About Us

Home Care Assistance and Compassionate Care … For Your Loved One and For You and Your Family

Home care assistance needs are unique for every individual, so the care your loved one receives should reflect this. That’s why at Metro Health Care Services we offer compassionate, customized care for each of our patients.

Our team understands that compassionate, professional, and customized care is the foundation of effective recuperation. As such, you can depend on our team to provide comprehensive care regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, background, or ethnicity.

A family-owned company with a personal story in home care assistance

Metro Health Care was founded in 2009 after Dr. Abdi Gonjobe’s two-year old son became ill and required 24/7 care, causing Dr. Gonjobe to resign from his job. The family quickly realized that if was very difficult for one person to provide adequate care, prompting them to enroll their two other children, both girls, in home school so that they too could provide assistance as well.

This experience inspired the Gonjobe family to begin a home business where they would treat patients like their own family members. Now, several years later, the business and the Home Health Care team has expanded many fold, and is now providing Minnesota families with the responsible home care assistance they need.

Attentive care premised on your unique needs

Attentive care begins with listening to our patients and their unique needs. By doing so, we’re able to provide professional and personal attention that ensures that your loved one feels comfortable and confident with the treatment they receive.

Of course, the uniqueness of each patient’s needs is the same reason why our services vary widely … from very specific medical support such as trach care, to PCA and homemaking services … even 24/7 care when necessary.


Where quality and comprehensive care converge

When you select Metro Health Care Services LLC for your home care assistance needs in Minnesota, you’re promised a personalized, professional, and compassionate team of caregivers dedicated to your family and your loved one.

Contact us today at 651-348-7247 or send us a message to discuss your loved one’s needs and how our family can help your family.

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