Feeding Tube

Feeding Tube

Comprehensive, Compassionate Feeding Tube Care at Home for Your Minnesota Loved One

Tube feedings are common for individuals who cannot eat or drink enough to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to heal after an injury or illness. Of course, this also means that proper and professional feeding tube care by a trained expert in your home is vital after your loved one leaves the hospital.

At Metro Health Care Services we provide comprehensive, customized feeding tube care in the comfort of your loved one’s home. So you’ll can have peace of mind, knowing your loved one will receive vital nutritional and maintenance services necessary to restore their well-being.

Professional tube feeding and medication at home

For many, feeding tubes are thought to be solely for food. However, it’s important to recognize that feeding tubes are often used to administer medication as well.

Upon returning home, some patients feel comfortable administering food or medication themselves through their gastronomy tube (GT), but for some, the process and necessary care is simply too difficult.

Our specially trained nurses offer advanced expertise and care to your loved one to ensure that they receive both the nutrients and tube maintenance they require to heal. Our services also include proper care for their stoma and feeding tube as well, ensuring that your loved one has everything they need.

Contact our team to take the guesswork out of feedings or medication administration

It can be difficult to manage feeding tube care at home on your own. But with the assistance of Metro Health Care Services it doesn’t have to be.

Contact our team at 651-348-7247 or send us a message to learn more about our Minnesota at-home feeding tube services or to discuss your loved one’s unique needs.

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