I.V. / TPN

I.V. / TPN

Enjoy the Convenience and Comfort of I.V. / TPN at Home in Minnesota

I.V. / TPN is a simple, effective method to deliver medicine directly into the body. However, the inconvenience of traveling to the hospital or a clinic for each treatment can quickly wear on an individual or family.

At Metro Health Care Services LLC, our services for i.v. / TPN at home make it simple to give your loved one the treatment they need at home. As a result, your loved one can enjoy comfort and convenience while still receiving the care they need.

I.V. / TPN at home is simple and convenient

While in some cases, a family member, friend, or your loved one them self will administer i.v. / TPN at home, a home health care nurse is typically present to ensure that all medication is given properly.

The process is incredibly simple as well. One of our professionals will come to your loved one’s home, administer the I.V. medicine via the prescribed method, and monitor your loved one to ensure there are no adverse reactions to the treatment.

Then, after properly disposing of all needles and other supplies, the nurse will leave and your loved one can enjoy their day as usual.

Learn more about at-home I.V. / TPN

If your loved one needs i.v. / TPN as part of their treatment and would like the simplicity and comfort of receiving their medication in their own home, Metro Health Care Services LLC can help.

Contact us today at 651-348-7247 or send us a message to discuss your loved one’s unique needs and determine whether or not i.v. / TPN at home is an appropriate solution for your Minnesota family

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