PCA Services

PCA Services

Attentive Personal Care Assistants in Minnesota

Medical needs can be all-consuming, particularly for those who have recently suffered from illness or injury. And all too often, this can make it difficult for loved ones to keep up with their normal daily tasks and care for their home and family properly.

At Metro Health Care Services our personal care assistant services in Minnesota mean that your loved one will always have the assistance they need for their daily living activities and their well being, whether practical issues or for health-related functions.

This ensures that your loved one can maintain their independence while still receiving compassionate, professional care.

What Does a Personal Care Assistant Do?

A Personal Care Assistant performs several integral roles for your loved one on a regular basis, such as:

    • Daily living activities – Assistance for eating, toileting, grooming, dressing, bathing, transferring, mobility, and positioning.


    • Instrumental daily living activities – Planning and preparing meals, managing money, shopping for essential household items, performing basic household chores, communicating by telephone or other mediums, and being mobile in and participating in the community.


    • Health related functions – A range of motion exercises, intervention for seizures, ventilator suctioning and many other related tasks.


    • Redirection and intervention for behavior – This includes behavioral observation and monitoring.


If your loved one qualifies for a Personal Care Assistant, Metro Health Care Services can provide the assistance you need

A Personal Care Assistant can provide your loved one in Minnesota with the support they need to remain at home while receiving proper care.

To learn more about our Personal Care Assistants or the process of qualifying for a PCA, contact our team at 651-348-7247 or send us a message.

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