Vent Care

Vent Care

Vent Care in Your Minnesota Home from Specially-Trained Home Care Professionals

Ventilator-bound patients require constant care from specialized nurses, often forcing them out of their homes and into care facilities. However, the best care is at home in a familiar, warm, and welcoming environment.

At Metro Health Care Services LLC, our nurses are all Vent Certified, meaning that your loved one can recuperate and enjoy life in their own home while still receiving the attentive medical care they need.

Vital assistance for life’s challenges on a ventilator

Having a loved one on a ventilator is a challenge not only for them, but the entire family as well. Of course, this can be even more challenging in situations where it is not an adult on a ventilator, but a child.

Having a skilled nurse on hand at all times is essential to not only prevent life-threatening emergencies, such as mucus plug formation, but also to create an environment in which your loved one can thrive.

24/7 care where no need is left unnoticed

Throughout our years of service, we’ve developed a reputation for providing highly attentive, custom services for all of our clients. Naturally, this same dedication extends to our services for vent care at home in Minnesota as well.

Our Private Duty Nurses will be on hand and ready to assist 24/7 in your home, giving you peace of mind knowing that your loved one is taken care of from a personal and medical perspective at all times.


Contact our team to learn more about vent care at home

Vent care at home is an essential service to normalize life and creative a supportive, comfortable environment for your loved ones.

To learn more about our services or to discuss your family’s personal needs with our team, contact us at 651-348-7247 or send us a message.

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