Wound Care

Wound Care

Skilled wound care at home for your loved one in Minnesota

Wounds often take some time to heal. However, it’s no secret that the quality of care your loved one receives is related to the speed at which a wound can heal and how quickly they can enjoy their lives as usual once again.

At Metro Health Care Services LLC, our team of exceptionally trained nurses creates customized care plans for each of our patients in need of wound care at home. This means that your loved one will receive the careful attention they need and the quick recovery they deserve.

Our experts can handle many types of wounds

Due to their advanced training, our team of experts can handle several types of wounds as part of our services for wound care at home.

Currently, our wound care solutions can treat:

    • Non-healing surgical wounds 
    • Traumatic wounds
    • Ulcers 
    • Minor burns 
    • Diabetic foot ulcers 
    • Wounds associated with ostomy surgery



Contact our team for further guidance or information about wound care at home

If your loved one is in need of regular wound care and wants convenient, comprehensive care, the team at Metro Health Care Services LLC can help.

Contact us today at 651-348-7247 or send us a message to learn more about our services or to create a customized plan for your loved one.

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